Bathroom Storage Units

Bathroom Storage Units

42 17146868 Bathroom Storage UnitsDo you feel challenged to find enough storage space in your bathroom? Here are some ways you can solve this challenge using bathroom storage units.

Many houses are built with small bathrooms that have limited storage space built into their design. Usually the only built-in storage area is a cabinet under the sink counter. One bathroom designers typically create bathrooms with limited floor area and do not put any thought into storage needs of a home owner. Often, however people want to have a lot of items in their bathroom and do not have any storage for them. The result: a clustered and disorganized.

Fortunately it is possible to purchase or make a variety of different type of bathroom storage units that can accommodate most people’s storage needs. Bathroom storage units calm in a variety of with this and sizes and it is possible to find something that works well even in the smallest bathroom. >Let us consider some bathroom storage ideas that you can utilize in your bathroom. If your bathroom has a large empty wall area a good storage option can be a wide storage  which rests on the bathroom floor and is up against the wall. Find more info on bathroom mirror with lights like this .

The cabinet style unit can work very well in this situation. Cabinets come in many colors and finishes. You can purchase cabinet units with glass or wooden doors, and some also have open shelving. Bathroom storage units that have both concealed storage space and open shelving are very versatile in the way that you can use them in the bathroom. For example towels can be stored in the concealed cupboard space and the exposed shelves can have more ornamental items such as attractive glass containers filled with bath oil or decorative soaps. The open shelves also can have attractive bathroom baskets which will hold toiletries . Bathroom storage units can be fitted underneath an attractive countertop with the countertop doubling up as another area on which to stand more access to raise needed in the bathroom. Having bathroom storage units underneath the waist high countertop is a very practical solution in the bathroom and are more efficient way of using limited space. The countertop gives the bathroom a more spacious and unified feel than having individual pieces of furniture.

42 242812901 150x150 Bathroom Storage UnitsSmall bathrooms often don’t have a lot of floor space and a good option would be to use bathroom storage units that can be fitted on the wall. Using the wall space over the toilet is an efficient use of space. You can purchase a storage unit that sits over the toilet tank with the legs down the side of the toilet. This looks attractive and also means that your bathroom storage unit does not take up any additional floor space. Using wall fitted storage units increases the number of items that can be stored in the bathroom without cluttering the surfaces.

Nassau, Duravit and Knape & Vogt (known as KV) produce some very stylish bathroom storage units. My parents have a very small bathroom and I am amazed just how much storage room they have created using bathroom storage units without the bathroom looking overcrowded and cluttered.